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Lista produselor producatorului Coffee Tech

Coffee-Tech Engineering specializes in the manufacturing of professional coffee roasters and coffee roasting equipment. Our company designs and manufactures a wide variety of manual and automatic shop coffee roasters, as well as commercial coffee roasters.

  • The FZ94 Pro-Lab Roaster was designed with Roast-Masters in mind; it is simply the most advanced roaster of its kind in the world. This unique coffee roaster truly offers total control over the roast process while still maintaining user-friendly operations, a small footprint, a stunning design and outstanding roasting quality of the entire capacity range. 

    12000,00 euro (fara TVA)
    In stoc
  • Cel mai avansat Prajitor de cafea electric din lume!

    9200,00 euro (fara TVA)
    In stoc
  • Avirnaki is a smoke free solution for labs and roasting facilities who need to roast their coffee samples and raw materials professionally. It’s a wheeled transportable filter connected to the roaster’s exhaust which absorbs the smoke and odors, enabling roasting inside labs/training centers/coffee academies without the need for chimney or ducting.

    6500,00 euro (fara TVA)
    In stoc
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