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We have been busy with nice coffees for fifteen years. And if you have been doing something for so long, you know quite a bit about it anyway. If you are curious. That's us. And also a bit stubborn. Not too bad to learn something, but you do not have to tell us what we already know. What is important: buy nice coffee, fresh and burn well and make a little coffee. It is not difficult, but it is a profession. A fascinating profession.


Yet we never get rid of it. We want to get better every day. The best cup has not yet been set. Call it drive. Call it critical professionalism. Maybe even love, for coffee of the very best quality. But then love from a sober vision. Because we are not freaks. We love our profession, we want to know everything about it. But we also say "there's much more to life than coffee". Like delicious food or grabbing a beer, putting on strong stories and laughing together. Just enjoy life.

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