Atago Pocket pH Meter PAL-PH 4311


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The PAL-pH can measure pH with only 0.6 mL of sample and the measurement time is as fast as 3 seconds. This is an advance that dip-style pH meters did not offer. There is no need to prepare a beaker to hold the sample, and the trouble of preparation and cleaning can be omitted. Of course, there is no need to purchase a large volume of calibration standard.

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  • Measure merely with 3 drops

    It is a pH meter with IP65 that can be "washed" under running tap water. Most of the conventional pH meters require careful attention when washing and the complex shape of the measurement section or sensor unit, but PAL-pH is easy to wash because the measurement unit is completely flat and samples can be easily wiped off. PAL-pH is easy to maintain and clean, so contamination can be avoided. Using PAL-pH is a relief from daily stress.

    Electrode’s internal liquid, KCl is inseparable with the pH meter. Ordinary pH meters are designed so that KCl will flow little by little, and it will need to be replaced and filled regularly as it flows out. We took it upon ourselves to get rid of these stresses our users endured. We made every effort to figure out how to make KCl last longer. With PAL-pH, you do not have to worry about KCl depletion. The pride and effort of ATAGO developers, who wanted to create an easy-to-use device, created PAL-pH.

    The only portable one equipped with "NFC function"

    100 measured data can be wirelessly transferred by simply touching the reader connected to the smartphone or PC. You can prevent errors and forgetting to write down from handwritten recording.

    Commitment of design

    The PAL series has been awarded the Good Design as an instrument that extends the measurement field and possibilities.PAL with the meaning of fellow; Brix meter, salinity (EC) meter, and pH meter. The PAL-pH will provide the ease of use and high performance that PAL series is known for and continue to be loved in many industries.