HARIO Coffee Maker V60 Pour Over Kit 700ml VCSD02CBR Mareste

HARIO Coffee Maker V60 Pour Over Kit 700ml VCSD02R


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Hario V60 Red Dripper Set VCSD02R

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  • "Coffee Server Hario V60 Red Dripper Set VCSD-02R" comes with a measuring spoon, a paper coffee filter and Dripper server. Recommended Microwave heating. Please use with your care when cleaning and handling. Recommended time of heating in a microwave. Please note that heat and temperature of the cooking time of microwave and coffee machine, please go easy as it depends on the amount.


    Cover: polypropylene (heat temperature 140 degrees), body glass: heat-resistant glass (temperature 120 degree heat), pushing: Silicone rubber (180 degrees heat temperature), Dripper: polypropylene (temperature 120 degree heat).

    Box Contains

    1 x Hario Glass Server Red 700ml

    1 x Hario Plastic Dripper V60 02 Red

    1 x Hario Filter 40pcs

    1 x Plastic Serving spoon Red

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