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A family business launched in 1980 by Athanasios Gavriilidis, a senior car electrician, who set off with limited means, but with a great ambition and a dream to create. His irreplaceable collaborator, our mother, Pantelitsa.


The beginning was full of challenges together with a passion for constructive as well as organizational innovations, two elements that characterize our parents’ professional carrier.

The construction of the first mixer in 1980 was the beginning. Our first lemon squeezer was presented to the Greek market in 1985 and as the years passed, our specialization in small business appliances, Drink Mixers in particular, became known beyond the borders of Greece.


An innovative automatic switch on device made the difference in the mixer as we knew it until 2000.


Strong co operations and new ideas opened new paths in the design area in the field of the professional mixer. .


Being driven by the demands and needs of the times that required something new and economical at the same time, we created the innovative MIX-2010.


And our course makes its way with continuous new creations up today.

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