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This Manual Barista Space Hand Grinder is rocking a sassy powder coated bold black body, boasting an Aluminium body with a lined ribbed centre and a wide arm handle.

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  • The new stylish Manual Hand Grinder by Barista Space has just been released! 

    Not only is it a great looking accessory but it's also a very affordable top quality Hand Grinder.  Perfect price range compared to other Grinders on the market, this is exactly what we have been waiting for!!

    The wide arm handle makes it easier for you to grind the coffee requiring minimal elbow grease force when repeating circular movement.  

    It's Sphere knob handle can be gripped easy making it feel effortless when grinding coffee beans.

    • Colour: Black
    • Body Type: Aluminium / Powder Coated
    • Blade Type: Burr style blade
    • Specification 1: Wide Arm handle
    • Specification 2: Easy to grip Sphere knob
    • Tool Type: Manual Hand Grinder
    • Brand: Barista Space
    • Usage type: Domestic and Commercial