Pret redus! CAFEC Paper Filter Abaca cone 1-cup 100pcs brn AC1-100B Mareste

CAFEC Paper Filter Abaca cone 1-cup 100pcs brn AC1-100B


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Our CAFEC filter paper has “Two-Side Crepe”. Though another normal paper has crepe on one-side only but the CAFEC paper keeps Two-Side Crepe by our original papermaking technology (Air-through dry). 

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  • Original Papermaking technology realizes
    “Two-Side Crepe“ Air Through Dry 

    In normal papermaking process, paper is dried on a heating roller so crepe on one side is pressed down. On the other hand, CAFEC paper added crepe on both sides dried by hot blast, not pressed on a heater, so the crepe on both sides of paper can be kept as it is and enough height of crepe is maintained. Thanks to the best height balance of Two-Side Crepe, almost all fine coffee powder is attached on the crepe, so you can enjoy a clear cup of coffee without muddiness. Moreover the Two-Side Crepe allows water to flow smoothly.

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